By: Carlos Dragonné y Elsie Mendez

The first time I heard about “Charro” by Daniel Ovadía, curiosity stick instantly. Specially because this recommendation came from a very good friend who is known for being appreciative and a real connoisseur of good eating.

Ceviche with Mango

Finally, I got the chance to go. My very first experience was really special, being with someone whom I was meeting for the first time for a Business reunion. I never organize a meeting like these, specially in a Mexican cuisine restaurant, if I’m not absolutely sure that the place can deliver a top quality service and food. Blessed exception to my own rule. The meeting turned out to be a success and, despite the fact we hardly ever spoke about that which brought us together, the experience between dishes and flavors gave me, rather than a new client, a new friend. This confirms the rule: food unites people.

But I had to return. I wasn’t fully satisfied because I wasn’t able to taste and enjoy every part of that Menu that caught my eye. So I did return and it was the right choice. Who could have imagined that the place quickly became one of my favorites? Today, I point myself as an organizer of meetings, lunches, dinner parties or any other celebration I can lay my hands on, so I can return over and over again.

“Charro” not only delights us starting from the plating design, with colorful dishes, or with a mouthful of flavors from that “street food” taste. Also, the service and attention are top notch, turning us from a random client into a regular diner. Let’s be clear about this: entering the place it feels more like a homecoming to see the family and friends who are willing to overwhelm you with courtesy and details, always between those flavors and scents.

Street style popatoes chips

From the Menu I Could mention a lot of dishes as my favorites. But the Oaxaca Style Quesadillas with a Mole and Chocolate Cup are a definitive winner and part of my all time favorites.

The “Style Street” Chips reminded me of those I loved to buy at the Amusement Park or every afternoon after school. It’s a dish with an excellent taste of remembrance. I thank the Chef for that trip down to Memory Lane with a gourmet twist.

The Tortilla Soup is not only delicious, but the plating is, so far, one of the most impressive ones of all the different interpretations I’ve had of this particular recipe. It might feel simple, but it isn’t. Base flavoring the soup with that broth poured on top of those thinly sliced tortillas and then having it completed with cheese, sour cream, avocado and fried pasilla chili. A must!

As main course, the best two options are the Flank Steak Filled Chile, covered with a Black Bean and Corn Sauce and the Dampen Shrimp Torta, a very special version of a classic Mexican dish that, as a unique detail, includes its very own eating instructions and a glove that helps you not getting messy while enjoying this. Great!

The main suggestions for dessert are Milky Rice and the Oaxaca Chocolate Mousse.

Among the vast options in Mexico City, and thanks to its chef’s skills and dedication, its staff’s service, and the freshness and top quality of its ingredients, “Charro” stands out as one of the best contemporary Mexican cuisine places that can take you on a trip to those past flavors that made Mexican cuisine great.

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