•1 large chicken breast
•1 small onion
•4 garlic cloves
•2 t. salt
•1 C. lard or vegetable shortening
•3 C. corn masa
•2 t. salt
•1/2 C. chicken broth
•2 C. black mole (mole negro) sauce
•15 banana leaves, cut into 12″ x 7″ rectangles


1.In a large pot, cook the chicken in water, with the onion, garlic, and 2 Tsp salt for 35 minutes on medium heat. Strain, cool and shred the chicken from the bone.
2.Beat the lard until it is foamy and white (about 5 minutes). If using shortening, beating is not necessary. Add the masa, chicken broth and remaining salt to the lard, or shortening. Beat the ingredients together until well blended (about 5 minutes).
3.Pass the banana leaves over the top of the stove flame, on both sides, for about 30 seconds to soften. If using an electric stove, boil a pat of water and submerge the leaves for about 5 minutes. Take about 2 t. of tamale mixture and drop in the center of the prepare banana leaf. Lay a piece of waxed paper over the tamale mixture and spread to make a thin layer over the banana leaf, within an inch of the leaf`s edge. Once the tamale mixture is spread, peel off the waxed paper, and put about 1 T. of chicken and 2 T. of mole in the center. (Adjust quantities according to leaf size and desired size).
4.Close each tamale by folding both ends of the leaf together (longer sides first) forming a rectangle. Close and tie the folded tamale with a strand taken from the same leaf.
5.Cook the tamales in a tamalera, or steamer (large double boiler), leaving ½” space between each one to allow for even cooking. DO NOT PLACE DIRECTLY IN WATER. Steam for 1 hour. Check occasionally to make sure that about 2” of water always remains. After 1 hour, remove 1 tamale and let cool for 10 minutes; continue cooking other tamales. After the 1 tamale has cooled, try to remove tamale from leaf; if the tamale mixture easily peels from the leaf, all tamales can be removed from tamalera. If not, continue steaming them for another 10 minutes. Remove from tamalera and serve hot.

Serves 10 – 12 People

About Los Sabores de Mexico

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