Hotel Boutique Los Juaninos: Searching in the right place.

By: Carlos Dragonné

Before we begin, I need you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the calmness we hope for everyday in the midst of our city rush. Yes… there are those who can find it at the end of their journey by simply watching some TV or opening a bottle of wine as outside the unstoppable vortex of noise and cars takes over the overflowing amount of people fast pacing on the sidewalks. Then, ignoring that these kind of people is very rare, we know that something is missing as we watch from our windows or balconies the imposing scenery of building behind building of our each concrete jungles. Come on… close your eyes for a moment… Then, join me on a trip to a city of pink quarry stone, overwhelming with magnificent buildings, big mansions and estates. Morelia gives a royal welcome with an amazing venue in what it was an Episcopal Palace built in the 17th Century and turned into what is one of the most beautiful Boutique Hotels in Mexico.

The hotel is located in what it was an Episcopal Palace of the 17th Century

Going through the gigantic wooden door is, by itself, a whole experience that will lead us to a wide open space full of art and history and cataloged by the Anthropolgy and History National Institute (INAH). Restored in 1988, this building is part of this historical downtown and, therefore, a fundamental piece for the World’s Heritage Site status given by UNESCO. With the best location imaginable, right across the street from the main plaza where the city Cathedral watches the cardinal points of Morelia, Los Juaninos Hotel is unique in its category, for respecting the original plans of this building and adapting the hotel day-by-day into it, not the other way around as many places usually do. Then, the magic starts to take over…

We’re not even in the rooms yet and this place has erased the date from our minds thanks to the over 300 years of history the place breathes in and out. We chose to walk the steps to the second floor rather than taking the elevator and there we were. The floor where the 30 rooms of this venue are. These spaces – once Episcopal rooms and then part of the Saint John of God Royal Hospital when the Bishop Juan Ortega y Montañes donated the building to the Order of Saint John in the 18th century – are now decorated with such a delicacy an impeccable taste, respecting the viceregal architecture that gives the place a perpetual elegance background. The rooms have a great quality: the simplicity that contrasts the architectural style and shows that, a simple touch such as a coffee table for two next to the balcony is enough to enrich the experience.

This is a good moment to mention the detail that many of the rooms, as well as the terrace where the hotel’s restaurant La Azotea and the bar are located. Already installed in the room it was time to give in into clichés and iconic symbols and, in a slow pace to keep at maximum the suspense, I approached the balcony door and, after pulling the iron latches, I opened it wide to unveil an amazing view of the Cathedral at which it’s impossible not to be amazed.

I can’t tell how much time we were on the balcony, watching people come and go through Madero avenue with so much to discover and, as we already talked about, not only filled the expectations, but it did it wildly. Back into the room, as we stare at the size and space ready for us to rest or take it slowly drinking a coffee, we simply understood that it looks that here’s a first chance to find that we long for.

The Restaurant of Los Juaninos

The amenities in the hotel reflect the knowledge of the guest’s necessities. However, it’s important to tell about the problem the bed represents. If you lay down over it, the softness of its sheets and the comfort makes getting up again to continue your scheduled activities a real problem. Other than that, it is perfect. Once we won over the tempting sensation of staying sheltered and close our eyes to sleep, we got out of the room to walk through the hotel and take a look to the remaining rooms, among which the Superior Suites stand out as a true example of everything you could ask in a venur part of Mexico’s Boutique Hotels. Claw foot bathtubs, wide open spaces where a living room stands in the middle of it, huge carved wood furniture, balconies and beautiful windows are the room decorations that, as a distinctive thing, none of it are identical to the other; you will always find a unique detail in every room, allowing your Los Juaninos experience to be something you can live over and over as something entirely new.

The third floor is where the Restaurant “La Azotea” is located. Also, at the other end of the floor, you will find the Bar Los Juaninos. The restaurant is comfortable and it has a menu that, of course, goes through the gastronomy of Michoacan with dishes as important as the regional Corundas or a Michoacan Broth that, if I could, I would eat it everyday. Also, the menu offers an interpretation of fussion cuisine with Mexican gastronomy as its inspiration, with the Duck Breast Enchiladas as one of the main dishes. The restaurant has a set of tables lined across the terrace, offering the diners the possibility of enjoying food looking to the whole historical downtown of this city.

Breakfast at La Azotea, the restaurant of Los Juaninos

The Bar “Los Juaninos” has an important variety of cocktails and beverages with a modern and minimalist decoration that rejuvenates the place and, contrary to what we may think, doesn’t collide with the architectural look of the place. Besides, the bar area has the biggest star in the recovery and adaptation made to this building. A table set in the terrace, nearly at the far corner of the building that, just like the tables in the restaurant look to the Cathedral, this one is set just over Madero avenue, which allows to enjoy not only every place Morelia is waiting to show you, but that history that, even with cars passing right below us and the unavoidable modern look of banks, convenience stores, streetlights and the time imposed urbanization, it finds its way through to paint with nostalgic lessons the view we’re looking at as we gave a sip to the first charanda in this trip.

As for the staff service, Los Juaninos speaks out loud to tell you that, if everything up to here hasn’t been enough to satisfy your experience or, given the case, to pick up the phone and immediately make your reservation for your next holiday in your calendar, it is time to do it. Here, you will have that personalized attention that sometimes gets lost in the hotel business. Many times, as we go from hotel to hotel in our destinations, service seems to have lost the clarity behind efficiency converting the staff into results driven machines that forget that this industry is born and grows with human contact, sensibility and satisfaction of those travelers that keep it running. This, however, is the biggest advantage of Los Juaninos: the warmth of its people that, behind the accomplishment of his work, there’s always a smile, a capability of making you feel a welcomed guest in each and everyone of the areas, from the Valet Parking to the waiters in the restaurant and the bar. This, clearly, is an evidence of the extraordinary work that Lorena Morales, General Manager of this place is doing to preserve the fundamentals of guest service, along with Pablo Güedes, always ready to listen comments and suggestions that, as guests, we could have in this experience in Morelia that, even when it was a business trip, every single moment at Los Juaninos, made it look like a totally pleasure driven experience.

View from the bar terrace

From day one, in that balcony fully opened, looking in silence, something started to change. Something was definitely finding its way through and, on the last night, finally revealed itself. Again, watching the Cathedral lit up against the black clear night of Morelia, with a soft music playing in the room and with us saying goodbye to the beauty at sight, we discovered that Los Juaninos gave us every second of that state of conscience and peace that, up until a few days ago, we were tirelessly searching among the vortex of our home city. There, listening carefully, we discovered the silence that will always be missing back home and, framed by the fullness of the beauty, the art, the architecture and service of Los Juaninos, put that final piece of the puzzle in place. But we alse knew that, anyway, back at home with that open bottle of wine and our eyes set on that scenery of building behind building behind building of our concrete jungle, evoking this peace we just acquired would be enough to know that it’s not impossible to find that peace. All you have to do is search for it in the right place.


30 rooms divided into Master Suites, Junior Suites and Superior Suites.

Valet Parking

Wi-Fi Internet Access

Business Centre with Meeting Room for up to 60 people

Special Tours

VIP Access to SPA & Golf Course



For Reservations:



Flavors of Mexican Cuisine

Int’ (521) 5555028067

Nac (044) 5555028067

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