San Miguel de Allende: An unexpected road

Experience lived by: Elsie Méndez
Text by: Carlos Dragonné
Dedicated to my friend Jacqueline Benitez

The paths, sometimes end up as something totally different from what we thought they would be, and on many of these occasions the place we arrive to is far better from the place we intended to go. Something like that happened when I was planning my trip to the city of Guanajuato, my original destination on a trip that started with almost immediate changes in the schedule and, after making a stop at Celaya to enjoy the amazing menu of Casa Poniente, restaurant of Chef Eduardo Osuna, I took the road again to end up, without understanding why at first, in San Miguel de Allende.

Beautiful Terrace at Casa Los Olivos Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Having traveled some miles from Celaya, a sort of bad luck – or so I thought – became present as a fail in my car engine, leaving me on the side of the road near the detour that leads to San Miguel. I rarely travel alone, and this one was one of those rarities, reason enough to be worried instantly about what would I do next. Fortunately, next to that sensation of anguish, another thing came to my mind as I remembered that a good friend of mine and PR Manager of one of the latest hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Jacqueline Benítez, told me days before about her visit to San Miguel as she needed to check the advance on the remodeling work of that particular hotel Boutique. I took my mobile with a hope that was totally rewarded when, minutes later, Jacqueline came to my rescue with a mechanic and an unchangeable goal: my final destination was going to be San Miguel de Allende. Yes, safety reasons were the excuse as she was totally decided about not letting me go after the mechanic check thoroughly my car, the real reason was the urgent need to bound again and rediscover our friendship after a long time apart that, either for scheduling conflicts or simple lack of time and compromise, we hadn’t have the chance to amend.

Therefore, as the night was falling on the state of Guanajuato, we arrived to San Miguel, a place I’d been avoiding from some years ago due to a wide variety of reasons and that, on this journey, they came back not to intensify my believes, but to show me how wrong I was when I thought that the increasing amount of foreigners was a black spot for this destination. Let me explain.

The streets of San Miguel de Allende are totally filled with history, footprints left behind by families that, since colonial times, have built stone by stone one of the most beautiful towns this country has to offer and today, amidst the stone and quarry buildings with 500 years behind them, it welcomes subtly the modernity into the curiosity and passion for this Mexico of roots and cultural fusions. Walking the alleyways is, as you can imagine, an adventure that you must enjoy with daylight, so it would have to hold until the next day. However, the coming of the night wasn’t at all the end of my day, for the Dos Casas Hotel Boutique opened its doors to lead me into a whirlwind of re-encounters, talks and friends gathering around just to prove that we are nothing but chess pawns played by superior entities so, it would be clear that the engine problem behind my arrival into San Miguel, simply was a superb move in the chess board that would put in check my prejudged ideas and, mostly, would leave us all as victorious in tonight’s match.

Dinning Room for Casa Poniente Restaurant in Celaya, Gto.

The Dos Casas Hotel has something unique that you will understand why it is so important for us at Flavors of Mexican Cuisine. Different from any other place we’ve been in this adventure of discovering Mexico and its special corners: there are no barriers between the staff and those lucky enough to be there with them to let them guides us timelessly into the experience prepared by them for us. Walking the corridors to enjoy the beautiful architecture and interior design created by the amazing studio Muro Rojo is, by itself, in one word, a pleasure. Only by doing this you can understand why Dos Casas is an important landmark both for the local and the foreigner tourist. This venue remodeled by Alberto Laposse, Gabor Goded and Giovanna Carrara once was a family mansion and now joins the modern needs of a Boutique Hotel with the style of the colonial spirit of its architecture.

The comfortable of its suites is worthy of admiration, from the most simple room in which a lovely chimney and tile bath turn out as an unmistakable detail of the colonial inspiration behind, until the beautiful Suite House that holds in its three floors, every luxury needed by the epicure traveler who can enjoy the amazing view of San Miguel de Allende from the Jacuzzi in its private terrace and, just like us, finally understand the need of taking a pause in our city day by day so we can escape and discover a real paradise in the middle of San Miguel de Allende that, subtly and with elegance, complained about my long lasted absence from here.

Waking up the next day, I found a magic moment in this trip, as I entered the kitchen of Dos Casas and discover that the spaces of our memory have been respected and honored in here. Aware of the importance in the life of Mexican families that this room represents, the managers of Dos Casas have decided that the kitchen should be not only the place where our meals are carefully prepared, but also the place where we sit to enjoy the delights prepared by Chef Dina Fernanda, who let us wonder free in her kitchen to decide which of our food desire should be contented first. This is not only a totally personalized attention, but a totally new experience in any hotel we can think of, giving Dos Casas a unique personality filled and seasoned with traditions deeper and more profound than it could be understood by anyone.

San Miguel de Allende, Gto

Walking across San Miguel, the message was absolutely clear for me and its so shocking behind the confronted feelings caused by itself. Once, I came to keep myself away from this destination due to a certain frustration watching so few local tourists enjoying the history behind these streets that lived critical moments in the development of what we call nation today. But, listening and watching carefully I found out that San Miguel is not underestimated, far from it. It is valued in every corner of its constructions, its history and flavors; every corner of this place gives us a welcome with sounds and voices of amazement, respect and joy that feeds the heart of those who love deeply Mexico and the cultures that created it. Yes… it could be frustrating and, maybe, even a little jealous to listen so many voices in so many languages but the truth is that walking inside the Saint Michael Cathedral, stepping inside the Third Order Temple and watch in astonished silence the magnificent front view of the Angela Peralta Theater, made me look different what is happening everyday and finally, I understood why so many foreigners arrive at San Miguel as tourists just to end up as definitive inhabitants of this place that, of course, is part of the catalog of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

At the end of this trip, sitting in the beautiful terrace of Casa de los Olivos – another hotel part of Dos Casas – I understood why the chess pawns were moved like this. San Miguel de Allende breathes brotherhood and friendship in every corner and is capable, as no other place is, of unite those lucky enough to meet in here. There, in silence contemplation of a sunset that will always be part of y most beloved memories, I learned that I had to arrive into this magical town to rediscover a friendship that, just as the colonial buildings of this place, silently prove that yes, indeed the paths, sometimes end up as something totally different from what we thought they would be, and on many of these occasions, will welcome us happy to be rediscovered and, without a doubt, prove to us that the only unforgivable thing would be not erasing the distance both from a place and from an amazing and invaluable friend that always, come what may, is ready to be there…

Sunset from Casa Los Olivos Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

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