We want to share this  interesting story of Casa Madero that make us feel proud and all wine lovers and who likes Mexican cuisine have to know about.


“Casa Madero” operates the oldest vineyards and cellars of the American Continent. Founded in 1574 when Spanish priests and conquerors in search of gold, left Zacatecas towards what today is the State of  Coahuila.  Although no gold was found in the middle of this desert, they came across with an oasis with water springs and a great abundance of wild vines.  This privileged valley is known today as “Valle de Parras”.

This discovery motivated the foundation of the “Mision de Santa Maria de Parras” where the first American wine was produced with the grapes of its native vines.

A few years later and due to the continuous attacks of the savage indians of the region, this “Mision” was left. However, Don Lorenzo Garcia, one of the first settlers of this region, knowing about the kindness offered by this valley, achieved peace with the native people and relocated it in another water spring eight kilometers to the North.  Once settled, Don Lorenzo asked Felipe II, King of Spain, for a “Merced” or a donation of land, which he received in August 18, 1597 with the only purpose of planting grape vines to produce wine and brandy, giving birth to the “Hacienda de San Lorenzo” now called  “Casa Madero”.
The quality of its land, its altitude -1,505 meters above sea level- allows the cool weather that favors  grape vine cultivation, made the “Valle de Parras” an excellent quality wines producer since its foundation.  As the years passed, the fame acquired by the wines from the “Valle de Parras” reached Spain.  This fact alarmed the King, who fearing rivalry with the American Colonies issued a decree in 1699 forbidding grapevine plantation and wine production except for those vineyards and cellar which produced wine for the Church.  This prohibition lasted until 1810, when Mexico became independent from Spain.  During this difficult time, San Lorenzo survived by producing wine only for the church.

Casa Madero hda

Throughout time, several landlords owned this property, including a French company which acquired it during Emperor Maximilian´s time.  Bought in 1893 in Paris, France by Don Evaristo Madero, progenitor of the Madero family and grandfather of Francisco I Madero the President who established the foundations of modern Mexico in 1910.

In Europe, Don Evaristo hired the services of the best technicians and  wine makers of Spain and Italy as well as French enologists; he also obtained new varieties of grapes and brought modern equipment for wine production, wooden barriques and barrels, stills for Cognac distillation, bottling lines and other vineyard and cellar equipment. With the best grape varieties, equipment and new personnel who introduced the most

Casa Madero

If you want to know more about Casa Madero´s wines visit

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  1. Steve says:

    As a lover of wine, I frequent vineyards here in Virginia, and I have to say that I love the differences in cultural foundations when I view the arid landscape to the greener version here in our neck of the woods. Great post!

  2. joe says:

    savage Indians? backwards…savage Spaniards. invade Mexico and kill million on natives

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