The Senators are Cooking

With a foreword by Salvador Novo and edited in Mexico in 1964 the book “The senators are cooking” was published. A book full of history about the recipes made by the senators wives and in which we find recipes for all states of our country.

With a humoristic title, not intended to be academic, but to give a special tone to the memories that made it possible, as told by the author Carmen Toscano de Moreno  Sanchez.

In the 60’s they decide to meet in this book, the rich cuisine of Mexico, which at that time was difficult to access.

A map of food in Mexico, the products used in each region: the cactus, the mixiotes and worms from Tlaxcala and Hidalgo, the huauzontles, charales and in the valley and in the State of Mexico fauna of the regions close to both coasts. Those only are few examples. Historical influences can be seen: from legendary China, seem to have established in the state of Puebla, these mixtures of sweet and spicy are rare elsewhere, the wheat flour tortillas from the north show a distinct influence from the corn totopotles chips in the south.

It’s amazing how in the introductory notes  the author mentions that which for Slow Food Movement is now the main basis, the consumption of foods and ingredients originating closest to the town and region. Like her, I believe there were many in the world history and from Mexico without movements and organizations followed the customs of native peoples.

The wars, travels, migration, the various historical movements, have mixed every kitchen. The Arabs arrived in Spain, and Spains came to the New World, and dishes spiced with petals of flowers are found in cookbooks of the nineteenth century Mexican girls.

France also came to the New World, the East had sent us his influences from Acapulco. Thus, in Mexico, eaten with a little thing from everywhere. Those Aztecs, as history shows, ate at a time with snakes and insects, yet defend their traditions and other indigenous peoples, even those flooded with industrial Coca Cola, eat maguey worms, grasshoppers, ahuautle, xumiles and Nukus.

Forty-two women contributed to the creation of this book as well as supporting the president’s wife, Eva Samano de Lopez Mateos who donated the book and the rights to what is now known as the DIF.

This week we will share these recipes from the so-called Senators (wives of senators) of that time, shared these recipe and compendium of the most representative dishes from all regions of Mexico.

There are recipes that do not have the exact measurements of each ingredient, we just transcribe the recipes exactly as published. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do whenever we venture to cook each of them.

About Carlos Dragonné

Pues en resumen puedo decirles que soy escritor y periodista, además de cineasta de profesión y cocinero por afición. Egresado de la Universidad del Cine AMCI, Campus Ciudad de México y director de, hasta el día de hoy, poco más de 20 cortometrajes, entre ellos "Miedo", "De banquetas y ausentes", "Rear View" y "Silencios Rotos", además de producir "Oliver y las Moscas", "Andrés ha Muerto" y "La Mancha". Soy, también, analista político. Escribo desde hace 8 años en Milenio Diario. Actualmente me pueden encontrar los domingos en la sección de opinión. Tengo un libro de poemas por publicarse, además de haber participado en "Amates 19", una antología poética de Amarillo Editores y ya estoy preparando la edición de lo que será mi segundo libro. Ya los mantendremos informados. Hay tres cosas que me pueden apasionar al exceso. Obvio, dos de ellas son las que puse arriba (escritor y cineasta), pero la tercera es la cocina. Ustedes denme una cocina en la cual expresar mis ideas y les garantizo que disfrutarán lo que de ahí salga.
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