Anything but typical, City Mexican Cuisine serves up taste with class

spotlight: City Mexican Cuisine Upscale Mexican restaurant features sleek black tables, lounge area.

The Chiuahua dish features three tacos with a side of City Mexican Cuisine’s poblaño rice. / Mark Schiefelbein / For the News-Leader

With so many Springfield-style Mexican restaurants on most major streets around town, they almost start to blur together. Each has its distinct story and signature dishes, but most have similar menus and décor.Reader Mary Spratt told us City Mexican Cuisine was anything but the typical Mexican restaurant, and we were intrigued. An upscale Mexican joint? Count us in.

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About Los Sabores de Mexico

Company Overview: At Flavors of Mexican Cuisine, we believe that the best way to experiment Mexico is through its dishes, its people, and its history and live from the places of origin. We offer culinary advice for events, people or enterprises, as well as menu consulting and public relationships for the culinary industry. We also are online media with our platforms where experts all around the globe collaborate with us with their point of views, articles and editorials about the whole experience of the culinary world.. Mission: As truly passionate people as we are of our country and its gastronomy, we want to share with the entire world the unforgettable experience on what Mexico becomes through experimenting the culture and the flavors. Facebook Page:
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