Corn, chilies, spices, chocolate: the flavors of Mexico make surprising combinations


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Food in Mexico is so varied and so immersed in cultural traditions that it has been declared an Intangible World Heritage by the UNESCO.

It is not solely a question of the complex blends of ingredients that produce exquisite dishes with aromas that have diners’ mouths watering. The experience of Mexican cuisine goes further still to cover the sweet, savory, spicy and crunchy.

You can sample the delicious cabrito of Monterrey, the thick tlayudas of Oaxaca, the carnitas of Michoacán, the spicy mole sauce of Puebla, or the pozole and caldo tlalpeño stews found all over the country, always accompanied by salsas and fresh tortillas.

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2 Responses to Corn, chilies, spices, chocolate: the flavors of Mexico make surprising combinations

  1. amatierra says:

    Have you come across any great mole enchilata recipes?
    love the flavors!!

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