Alaska Airlines Menu Tasting Was Eye-Opening


If you fly coach, you’re probably surprised when you see food on an airplane. But when you do, do you ever think about how much has to go into that grub getting on to the plane? I had the chance to do a menu tasting with Alaska Airlines earlier this week, and it was eye-opening.


Cheesburger BRETT SNYDER

There is a tremendous amount of thought that goes into what food gets on that airplane. The team at Alaska Airlines works closely with LSG Sky Chefs, its kitchen partner in almost every airport it serves, to make sure that what’s being offered makes sense, both in terms of flavor and value (since Alaska sells its meals for about $6 each in coach on most flights).

The obvious question is harder to answer than you might think…will it taste good? Taste buds are dulled at altitude, so what tastes great on the ground might not work out as well in the air. This means something that seems really salty in the kitchen might be perfect in flight, for example.

There are other tricks to making airplane food taste better. Since tastes are dulled at altitude, the airline tries to find food that smells really good, since aroma can help the brain to better process the taste. It also doesn’t hurt as a great marketing element. If you’re sitting in coach on a breakfast flight and smell that french toast skillet, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to buy one.

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Share with us your answer about this question What’s the best airplane food you’ve eaten?

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