The 3 Best Mexican Spots in Napa, California

Posted by Hugh Garvey

rancho-gordo-chiles-484.jpgRancho Gordo’s de Arbol chiles
Photograph courtesy of Rancho Gordo

This week, we’ve been giving you a run-down of the best places to eat in Napa, California. We started with, well, the best restaurants, then we talked about things you can drink that aren’t wine. Now it’s time for Mexican food.

Ask a Napa local for her insider food tip, and chances are she’ll talk up the area’s Mexican spots. Here’s where to get your fix.

1) The Tacos Garcia truck in the parking lot behind Pancha’s dive bar in Yountville sells authentic beef-cheek tacos for a buck fifty and gringo nachos that are favored by the French Laundry staff. Pancha’s, 6764 Washington St. Yountville, 707-944-212

2) Hidden behind flats of cactus paddles and chiles at Vallarta Market in Calistoga is a tiny lunch counter serving killer burritos, quesadillas, and tacos al pastor. Vallarta Market, 1009 Foothill Blvd., Calistoga; 707-942-8664

3) Napa’s food lovers’ source for edible souvenirs, Steve Sando’s Rancho Gordo shop specializes in exquisite heirloom beans used by the area’s best restaurants. He recently added plantain vinegar and evaporated Mexican cane juice to his line. 1924 Yajome St., Napa; 707-259-1935

–Hugh Garvey
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