Origins and Frontiers: The Archaeology of Modern Cuisine at the 7th Annual International Chefs Congress

New York, NY Chefs and restaurant pros across the country and beyond are getting ready for the most thrilling industry food event of the year: the 7th Annual International Chefs Congress, September 30 to October 2 at the Park Avenue Armory.

From history-plundering menus and heirloom archeology to progressive technologies and boundary-breaking culinary concepts, has tracked an industry-wide embrace of the history and horizons of food and drink. And for its seventh year, ICC will celebrate this phenomenon, with three days programming that showcases the creative searching and innovating that connect the industry’s earliest roots to its wildest imaginations—its origins and its frontiers.

Joining us to lead the conversation will be 90 of the world’s most innovative chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers—including Josean Alija, Mario Batali, John Besh, Sean Brock, Mathias Dahlgren, Elizabeth Falkner, Masaharu Morimoto, Seamus Mullen, Gary Regan, Andy Ricker, Marcus Samuelsson and Dave Wondrich —all gathered to contemplate the conscious culinary evolution we call Origins and Frontiers: The Archaeology of Modern Cuisine.


–          20 food carts, 2 pop-ups, 1 dinner, and the best chefs in NYC and beyond. Restaurants include:Atera,  A Voce, Aziza, Bosie Tea Parlor, The Brewster, Daikaya, Dominique Ansel Bakery, Empellón, Falai, Father’s Office, HD1, Hearth, John Dory, Junoon, Toro NYC, Marrow, Meatball Shop, Pok Pok, Red Medicine, Tertulia, Uchiko, Wit & Wisdom, and Yardbird

Main Stage: The restaurant trend makers, these culinary giants know where we’ve been and will tell you where we’re headed in the world of food.

–          Nerua and Nature at Its Core – Josean Alija (Nerua at Guggenheim Bilbao)

–          Urban Gothic: Exploring Cuisine through the Cityscape – Elizabeth Falkner (Krescendo)

–          Refined Against the Devastation: The Cuisine of NG7 – Sat Bains (Restaurant Sat Bains)

–          21st Century and the Changing Role of the Italian Chef – Mario Batali (B&B Hospitality Group), Mario Carbone, (Parm), Rich Torrisi (Parm), and Davide Scabin (Combal.Zero)

–          Guts, Glory, and the Gulf – John Besh (Besh Restaurant Group) and Susan Spicer (Bayona)

–          Sons of the South – Sean Brock (Husk) and Linton Hopkins (Restaurant Eugene)

–          Now What? Fallout of Modern Kitchens – Jordan Kahn (Red Medicine) and Alex Stupak (Empellón)

–          The Nordic Moment – Mathias Dahlgren (Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren) and Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster)

–          The Legacy of Japanese Cuisine – Masaharu Morimoto (Morimoto)

–          Provocative Italian Engineering – Davide Scabin (Combal.Zero)

Savory: The savory chef: the cornerstone of the dining experience. And at ICC, savory gets top billing, with three days of programming that ranges from the most essential techniques to the most extraordinary, ambitious concepts. This year we explore Origins and Frontiers, featuring chefs from all corners of the globe.

–          Naturally, No Sugar Added  – Josean Alija (Nerua at the Guggenheim Bilbao)

–          Exploring the Pantry of the Carolina Rice Kitchen  – Sean Brock (Husk)

–          Notes from the North – Mathias Dahlgren (Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren)

–          Barbecue Rub Down – The Fatty Crew (Fatty ‘Cue)

–          Counter Culture: The History of Appetizing in New York – Niki Russ Federman and Joshua Russ Tupper (Russ & Daughters)

–          Spanish Ham Without Borders – Linton Hopkins (Restaurant Eugene)

–          Nature and Sous Vide Nurture – Matt Lightner (Atera)

–          Sushi Essentials – Masaharu Morimoto (Morimoto)

–          The Evolution of Tapas and the Culture of El Tapeo – Seamus Mullen (Tertulia)

–          Composed Flavors: The Art of Presentation – Chris Nugent (Goosefoot)

–          Thailand: A Borrowed Culinary Home – Andy Ricker (Pok Pok)

–          Eggs, Flour, Water: The Pasta Equation – Missy Robbins (A Voce)

–          Sublime Shellfish – Michael Reidt (Area 31)

–          Deep-fried Traditions: Montanara Pizza – Antonio Starita and Roberto Caporuscio (Don Antonio)

Beverage: Top wine pros and leaders in mixology join forces for a beverage program brimming with new ideas, old school savvy, and plenty to sip on. Use the code BEVICC for a $199 beverage package giving you all access to the Mix and Somm workshops-plus a three day conference pass.


–          Taste and Technological Pursuit – Dave Arnold (Booker and Dax)

–          A Study of Texture: Building Upon Mixology “Errors” of the Past – Neal Bodenheimer and Kirk Estopinal

–          Summoning the Ghost of Jerry Thomas – Bobby Heugel (Anvil Bar & Refuge), Audrey Saunders (Pegu Club), and Dave Wondrich (Esquire)

–          Sour Sips and Drinking Vinegars – Lynnette Marrero (Drinksat6) and Kelley Slagle (Cocktail Kingdom)

–          Cocktail Couture: The Convergence of Commerce and Fashion – Damian Higgins (DJ Dieselboy), Jim Meehan (PDT), and Taavo Somer (Freeman’s Sporting Club)

–          The History of Carbonation in Cocktail – Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Clyde Common)

–          Chilean Pisco: From Valley to Bottle to Bar – Dave Wondrich (Esquire)

–          The Best Bartenders I Ever Met – Gaz Regan (Ardent Spirits)


–          Natural Wine Debate – Paul Einbund (Frances) and Pascaline LePeltIer (Rouge Tomate)

–          Beyond the Pour: Building a Somm Brand – Anthony Giglio (Wine Wise Guys) and Marnie Old (Marnie Old Wines)

–          Georgian Oeno Origins – Lisa Granik (Tastingworks)

–          Wine Prophets – Olivier Flosse (MARC Restaurants), Daniel Johnnes (The Dinex Group), and Emily Wines (Kimpton)

–          Côte-Rôtie, the Heart of the Rhône – Michael Madrigale (Bar Boulud)

–          Art of Coffee Harmonization – Fred Dexheimer (Juiceman Consulting)

Business: From the bottom line to the top of the food (professional) chain, the best and brightest restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary experts tell you what it takes to be successful in today’s tough economy.

–          Maximizing the Commissary: The Story of Chipotle – Nate Appleman, Kyle Connaughton, and Joel Holland (Chipotle)

–          Opening Restaurants for Change – Sat Bains (Restaurant Sat Bains), John Besh (Besh Restaurant Group), Will Blunt (, Richard Grausman (Careers Through Culinary Arts Program), and Marcus Samuelsson (Red Rooster)

–          When Restaurants Multiply: The Fine Art of Growing a Business – Rick Camac (Fatty Crew), Sam Hazen (LDV Hospitality), Peter Kelly (Xaviars Restaurant Group), Brett Traussi (The Dinex Group), and Steve Zagor (Institute of Culinary Education)

–          Capturing Edible Moments with Food Photography – Penny de los Santos ( and Adam Evans (The Optimist).

–          Chef Development: Beyond the Kitchen Door – Matt and Ted Lee (The Lee Bros.), Sisha Ortúzar (Riverpark), and Anne Quatrano (Star Provisions)

–          Building a Better Restaurant Through Efficiences and Innovation – Christine Quinlan (Food & Wine) and Sang Yoon (Lukshon)

Pastry: From nostalgic inspirations to the modern (marshmallow), top pastry chefs lead the way into the sweet kitchen, reinventing the classics and looking toward the future of pastry chefs worldwide. Get the Pastry Pass: $199 for all pastry workshops and a three day conference ticket. Use the code PCPC2 when registering.

–          Modernizing the Marshmallow  – Shawn Gawle (Corton)

–          Not Just Desserts: The State of the Pastry Industry – Johnny Iuzzini (Sugar Fueled Inc.), Jordan Kahn (Red Medicine), Michael Laiskonis (Institute of Culinary Education), Sam Mason (Empire Mayonnaise Co.), Alex Stupak (Empellón), and Moderator Antoinette Bruno (

–          Taste, Memory, and Avant-garde Composition – Angela Pinkerton (Eleven Madison Park)

–          Bitters Sweet: Cocktail Culture Invades Pastry – Plinio Sandalio (Carillon)

–          Pâte Perfection: Traditional Laminated Dough – Dominique Ansel (Dominique Ansel Bakery)

Compete: From the sweet-meets-sour of the International Pastry Competition, presented by PreGel America, to the wine pros gone wild of the Somm Slam, and the innovative blend-frenzy of the Vitamix Challenge, competition is on the menu at ICC 2012.

Chefs Products Fair: Explore and source the latest equipment and ingredients from our partners, including ranges, pizza ovens, flavor compounds, olive oil, spice blends, plateware, grass-fed beef, planchas, custom refrigeration tables, immersion circulators, deep fryers, wines, food processors, stabilizers, sous vide apps, spirits, blenders, lamb, warewashers, micro greens, steakhouse broiler, Gulf seafood, convection ovens, edible flowers, mixers, and much more.  ICC is presented by Jade Range, PreGel America, and Meat and Livestock Australia, with additional support from Vitamix, Front of the House, Absolut Vodka, Hobart, Steelite International, Unified Brands, PolyScience, Nespresso, Waring Commercial, Fresh Origins, Louisiana Seafood, Montague, Williams-Sonoma, Canadian Lobster, and Discover Partners include M-Tucker, The Institute of Culinary Education, Andaz 5th Avenue, and Andaz Wall Street.

A portion of the proceeds from Eat@ICC Pop-ups will be donated to the official charity of the 7th Annual International Chefs Congress, Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), whose mission is to promote and provide career opportunities in the foodservice industry for underserved youth through culinary arts education and employment.

Industry-only tickets are available at:, and press passes are available upon completion and approval of the Media Credentials Form.

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