La Puertecita, México’s first boutique hotel

by Elsie Méndez

When we refer to La Puertecita as México’s first boutique hotel, it has nothing to do with a list or ranking, but to the fact that this was the first boutique hotel in the country; it was the turning point in what it means today to be a hotel of that category at an international level.SMA Famtrip 11 -31

La Puertecita is the dream of a man who after years of experience in the hotel sector decided to establish México’s first boutique hotel, for which there was no reference point, and it was in San Miguel de Allende where his adventure began.

To make each guest feel at home is the mission of this luxurious place, it achieves it with all of its details, and above all with the attention that the visitors to this hotel experience when they decide to enjoy a few days of pleasure and rest.

What began as a house with a few rooms where a limited number of privileged guests could stay, today has a new area that without a doubt makes us feel at home. Each one of these new suites can double as a small apartment with all the comforts that one would need for a longer stay. And there are those who say that these are bigger than the apartments they lived in, when they embarked on the journey of living alone for the first time!SMA Famtrip 11 -134

From the entrance, a staircase takes us to a lobby that resembles the living room in a friend’s house, we are welcomed with refreshing drinks, wine, beer, and water, the same way we welcome guests when they arrive at our home. This also includes a salty appetizer or sweet cookies depending on the hour of your arrival.

Anchored in a spectacular ravine, the hotel is surrounded by trees, flowers, fountains, and waterfalls; the soft murmur of the water keeps you company day and night, bringing that peace we long for. It’s a dream like place.

Each room has a fireplace, a small living room with a TV, dining room, kitchenette, and bedroom with a bathroom that includes a tub -the majority with a double sink, and some with a jacuzzi. There is also the option of adjoining suites if you’re going with your family or with a group of friends so that you can enjoy more room.

If I had discovered this place when I used to travel with my children when they were small, it would have been without a doubt one of my favorite places to spend time with them at least once a year. I believe that our family get-togethers have a new gathering place. SMA Famtrip 11 -60

Waking up in the morning, going onto the balcony, and enjoying the extraordinary view is something that one rarely experiences in big cities anymore. Here, one has the fortune of living it on a daily basis: the chirping of birds, the recurring babble of the fountain, and of the creek, which gave me the feeling that there are still places where time stands still, and one has the chance to recharge.

Its famous chilaquiles are the best way to start the day, and of course you must not forget to order pan dulce and more cookies –which are baked in-house.

In San Miguel de Allende has a lot to discover, and it is always a pleasure to take a stroll through its downtown. But in this occasion we chose to stay in our room, enjoy the peace that is brought by lingering in our pajamas, going back and forth from the bed to the armchairs to read or watch movies, and then back to bed for more rest.

The cuisine at La Puertecita is equally excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so it wasn’t necessary to leave when hunger pangs let us know that it was time to order food again. We remained in the comfort of our small apartment and I could have stayed there without leaving for days on end.

Without a doubt this is a perfect place to get renovated, and if it weren’t for other responsibilities that required our presence back in México City, I would still be there in my pajamas, going back and forth between the bed and the armchair.

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